The largest Revolutionary War Reenactment in the country this year. More than 1,000 reenactors camped out around the grounds of the Inn at Warner Hall, the home of George Washington's great-great-grandfather. An amphibious landing from the Severn River waters. Educational opportunities for the entire family. Thousands of attendees. And so much more!

That's the story of the Battle of the Hook, a recreation of the 1781 battle that took place in Gloucester that choked off the British supply line to troops in Yorktown and paved the way for American Independence! The Battle of the Hook reenactment will take place Oct. 19 and 20 at the Inn at Warner Hall and is a true living history event.

Media are encouraged to learn more about the event now and be on hand for the firing of the first musket!

Please contact the Battle of the Hook media relations committee to schedule an interview, to be notified of events leading up to the reenactment, and to be placed on our contact list to get more information about the unique media opportunities available.

Hilton Snowden

Stephanie Heinatz

Jim Robinson

British Soldiers