Participants | Camp Tavern

We expect to have a period tavern set up adjacent to the camp areas. The tavern will be manned by reenactor distaff during the day interpreting for the public, with tavern games, and perhaps some light refreshments. The tavern will be open for reenactors for our Saturday night jollification, with games, drinks, and good cheer.

If you'd like to volunteer to help staff the tavern during the day (distaff), or Saturday evening, please e-mail: hookbattle(at)aol.com

Within the General Orders from Head Quarter's (Valley Forge) on Monday January 26th 1778,

A board of General Officers having recommended that a Sutler be appointed in each Brigade—whose liquors shall be inspected by two officers appointed by the Brigadier for that purpose and those liquors sold under such restrictions as shall be thought reasonable. The Commander in Chief is pleased to approve of the above recommendation & to order that such Brigade Sutlers be appointed, and liquors sold at the following prices and under the following regulations—Peach brandy by the quart at 7/6; by the Pint 4/—by the Gill 1/3—Whiskey and Apple brandy at 6/ pr quart—3/6 pr pint and 1/ by the gill—Cyder at 1/3 by the quart—Strong beer 2/6 by the quart—Common beer 1/ by the quart—Vinegar 2/6 by the quart—…"

From: The Papers of George Washington Digital Edition, ed. Theodore J. Crackel. Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, Rotunda, 2008. Canonic URL: http://rotunda.upress.virginia.edu/founders/GEWN-03-05-02-0133 [accessed 20 Jan 2012]. Original source: Revolutionary War Series (16 June 1775–14 January 1779), Volume 5"