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As part of the Battle of the Hook (Gloucester, VA, Oct. 18-20, 2013) event schedule, reenactors will be providing interpretive programs for local area elementary, middle and high schools. If you can arrive on site by Friday morning please consider being a part of this important event. An hour or two of your time will make a huge impression on a student!

The programs are expected to be approximately one hour in length and will concentrate on:

  1. Causal factors of the Revolutionary War
  2. A short military history of the conflict
  3. The conflict as seen through the eyes of a common soldier
  4. A discussion of the equipment carried by each soldier

It is hoped that the programs will be given by 2 - 3 reenactors as one group, ideally to include one Continental soldier, one British soldier, and either a rifleman, distaff, musick, artillery, or other specialized arms representative. The idea is to have as much variety in viewpoints as possible to provide a good overall depiction for the students.

The 1st Virginia Regiment will provide a Powerpoint slide presentation for each group to use as an overview, with a script for each slide included. Additionally, each group is encouraged to bring as much equipment as possible to give students a "hands on" experience.

We are looking for volunteers to assist in this important effort to give back to the schools in the community that has so generously helped sponsor our event.

If you are interested in assisting, please e-mail: hookbattle@aol.com

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