We want our camps to appear as authentic as possible and for that purpose we ask that participants follow our set-up and authenticity rules. The camp will be organized and laid out according to CL, BB and BAR Guidelines. Your Battalion QM will assign you and your unit a space after you have registered. Please seek them out before unloading any equipment.

Modern Camping

Limited modern camping will be provided (no electrical hookups).

Dining Fly's

There will be a limit of one fire pit, one cook fly, and one supply tent per unit in the kitchen area. All fire pits will be dug in their designated areas with the sod removed and saved. Each fire pit will have a fire bucket. All sod is to be replaced at the end of the event.

Enlisted Wedge Tents

It is expected that most privates and NCO's will be using standard size enlisted (e.m.) wedge tents. Please don't set up unnecessary extra tents. Only enlisted wedge tents used for sleeping should be set up – if you need storage space, we ask that you share space in the back of a sleeping (or other) tent if possible.

Camp Authenticity

In order to enhance the 18th century experience of the public, as well as participants, we will expect participants to follow the camp rules set here. The QM will police the camps prior to their opening to the public, as well as during the event. Unit commanders should advise all members to comply with the QM request regarding the following:

  • No baled straw in camp.
  • Coolers should be kept out of sight.
  • No modern beverage bottles in sight during public hours.
  • All cars must be out of camp as designated by the schedule.
  • No lantern stands visible during public hours.
  • No camp furniture in the company streets.
  • No visible modern cots or sleeping bags.
  • No visible non-period food or food packaging.


All fires are restricted to the kitchen areas. Sod must be removed and then replaced when the weekend is over. A water bucket and blanket must be near the fire at all times.
No fires will be allowed in the company streets.
No open flames allowed in tents, all candles must be enclosed in period correct lanterns.

Campaign Camp and Camp Kitchens

We currently plan to have a designated location for participants who prefer "campaign" camping, as well as a location for a camp kitchen, to be dug according to period references. The camp kitchen will be available on a first come, first served basis.

If you have questions, or would like more information, please e-mail us at:

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