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Warner Hall:
Listed by both the National Register of Historic Places and the Virginia Historic Landmarks Commission, Warner Hall continues to be of major architectural and genealogical significance in American history. Warner Hall has long been considered one of the premiere properties in the Virginia Tidewater area. Today, Warner Hall welcomes guests in the lasting tradition of fine southern hospitality. Completely renovated and lovingly restored, the Inn at Warner Hall offers guests a rare opportunity to experience the best of the old world with new world amenities.

The Continental Line:
The Continental Line, Inc., established in 1987 is a nonprofit educational organization of recreated Revolutionary War reenactment units representing the Continental Army, the various colonial militias, the Continental Navy, the Continental Marines, and units in the service of the French King. Member units, including the First Virginia are located from South Carolina to New Hampshire.

The British Brigade:
The British Brigade, Inc is the counterpart to the Continental Line and consists of British, Hessian, and American Loyalist units collectively known as the Crown Forces. The Brigade often attends events along with the Continental Line.

Brigade of the American Revolution:
The Brigade is a non-profit living history association dedicated to recreating the life and times of the common soldier of the American War for Independence, 1775-1783. Members represent elements of all the armies then involved: Continental, Militia, British, Loyalist, German, French, Spanish, and Native American forces plus civilian men, women and children.

First Virginia Regiment, Continental Line:
The First Virginia Regiment of the Continental Line is a recreated Revolutionary War living history group. The organization is composed of volunteers who authentically clothe and equip themselves to portray the soldiers and families of this historic military unit. The group, a non-profit Virginia educational corporation, is the host unit for the Battle of the Hook reenactment.

David R. Wagner, Historical Artist:
Mr. Wagner's media include acrylic on canvas paintings and pen & ink illustrations. His subjects include portraits, still lifes, landscapes, Native American scenes, and representations of historical events, most notably historical series depicting the activities of the French and Continental Armies during the American Revolution. The finished collection will cover all eight states traversed by Washington and Rochambeau during their campaigns, and will number well over 100 paintings (ongoing). Mr. Wagner has allowed the use of some of his paintings for this website.

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