Reenactor Military Command Staff

  • Reenactor Commander-Coordinator - Chip Gnam (1st VA Regt.)
  • Event Chief of Staff - Jeff Lambert (1st VA Regt.)

Allied Command

  • Allied Brigade Major - Kevin Coyle, (1st Continental Regt.)
  • American Brigade Quartermaster - Mark Plourde (1st VA Regt.)
  • Continental Artillery - Jim Stinson (Proctor's Artillery)
  • Continental Line, First Battalion - Randy Blevins (2nd NC Regt.)
  • Continental Line, Second Battalion - Mark Nowacki (2nd MA Regt.)
  • BAR Battalion - Bob Cairns (8th PA Regt., BAR Northwest Dept.)
  • Militia Grand Division - Harry Stephens (24th CT Regt.)
  • French Battalion - Bill Rose (Regiment de Saintonge)
  • Light Infantry Division - Henry Cooke (10th MA Regt.)
    Rifle Company: Mike Cecere (7th VA Regt.)
  • Drum Major - Bryant White

British Command

Order of Battle
For this battle, the usual 1st and 2nd Brigades will be combined into a single large brigade.

British Brigade Command Staff

  • Army Commander - Brigadier Michael Grenier
  • Army 2IC - TBD
  • Army Adjutant-General - Colonel Richard E. Amsterdam
  • Army Sergeant Major - Sergeant Major Glenn Lunde (24th Regt.)
  • Drum Major of the Army - Drum Major Thomas Reinhart (23rd Regt.)
  • Quartermaster - Lt. Peter Ferwerda (1st NJ Vol)
  • Provost - Major Paul Belyea
  • 1st Brigade Commander - Colonel Ken Seigel (23rd Regt.)
  • 1st Brigade 2IC - Major TBD
  • 1st Brigade Major & Adjutant - Major TBD
  • 1st Brigade Brigade Sergeant Major - Sergeant Major Malcolm MacWilliams (42nd Regt.)
  • 3rd Brigade Commander - Colonel Steve Sanford (KRR-NY)
  • 3rd Brigade 2IC - Major TBD
  • 3rd Brigade Major & Adjutant - Major TBD
  • 3rd Brigade Sergeant Major - Sergeant Major David Moore (KRRNY)
  • Artillery Commander & Master Gunner - Colonel Mark Crosby
  • Artillery Sergeant Major - Sergeant Major Larry Thompson

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