Reenactor Updates

This page will contain the latest information updates for reenactors attending the event. Please direct the members of your units to this website so they can access the latest information right up to the week of the event.

If your unit has already registered for our Battle of the Hook event, October 18 – 19, 2008 in Gloucester, Virginia, thank you. We expect to make the event well worth your time and expense to attend. As always, if you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail at:

Proof of Insurance:

All units need to be covered by liability insurance, following these stipulations.

BAR: If your unit is a member of the BAR you are covered by their insurance and you do not need to send in proof of insurance coverage.

Continental Line: If your unit is a member of the CL and not the BAR you need to furnish a copy of your unit insurance form. If you have not done so already, please e-mail a copy to: ; or send via regular mail to: C. Gnam, 1596 North Village Rd., Reston, VA 20194

British Brigade: If your unit is a member of the British Brigade you should have filed your insurance forms with them. We will be confirming insurance coverage for BB units with your organization and we'll let you know if there is anything you need to furnish.

Other: If your unit is not a member of these umbrella groups, please e-mail so we can determine your status and insurance situation.


We will be ready to begin registration and camp set-up at Noon on Friday, October 17. If your unit is planning to arrive sooner than that please let us know in advance so we can make arrangements to accommodate you.


Units are asked to depart by Monday at Noon. If you would like to depart later please let us know and we'll see what we can arrange.

Bus and Van Fund:

We are aware of two buses being organized at this point, and have heard from several other groups trying to organize group travel, including the use of passenger vans. The Battle of the Hook has agreed to provide money for these to help defray the cost of group travel.

If you are interested in organizing a charter bus, or a rental van, please contact to learn more about the funds available.

Midwest Bus: Contact Bob Cairns for more information about riding on this bus at .

Toronto, NY Bus: Contact Rebecca Jordan for more information about riding on this bus at .

Hook Meal:

We have been asked by one of the bus groups attending the event to serve supper Saturday evening for their members so they don't have to bring as much gear and groceries. We have arranged with a local church group to provide a meal to include an extra large serving of "Brunswick" stew, several pieces of corn bread (or other), cookies or brownies, bottled water plus a soft drink for $10 per person (a portion of the proceeds will go to the church for their charitable efforts in the community). We can probably also somewhat modify the meal if there are other suggestions.

The meal will be served in the registration area, not far from, but out of site from our camps so as not to have this modern intrusion interfere with the 18th c. ambiance. People can bring their own utensils or use the supplied plastic.

Meals will be pre-sold before the event. If you (or your unit) are interested in participating, or to find out more, please e-mail and we will furnish further details.


We are looking for as many mounted troops as possible for this event since it was probably the largest cavalry engagement of the War (according to historian Dr. Bob Selig). We are offering a per-horse travel payment for those hauling horses to the event. We are also looking into rental horses for the weekend. Please contact for details.


We have a number of artillery units signed on already. We will be paying a powder allowance of $50 per gun for the event. We hope this helps defray your cost to attend. Jim Stinson of Proctor's Artillery is the overall coordinator of Artillery for this event. He will be best able to handle any questions, or problems that come up before and during the event. Units that have not fielded a gun at one of our large events before should anticipate an inspection and review to insure everyone is safe. Please send your artillery questions to and we will forward them to Jim.

School Presentation Volunteers Needed:

The County of Gloucester has asked us to provide reenactors who can make presentations to area schools on Friday of the event. We have put together an outline and other materials to make it easy for reenactors to participate in this important education program. We also expect these presentations will encourage children and their parents to attend the Battle of the Hook event.

If members of your unit are interested in participating in this activity, and can arrive on site by Friday morning, please e-mail . We will have our School Program coordinator follow-up with details and information. So far we have about a dozen reenactors signed on and would like to find more. All reenactors are welcome, including women, British, French, Militia, Continental, etc. More information...

Parade and "Pub Crawl"

There will be a short parade held in the town of Gloucester Court House Friday evening and reenactors are encouraged to participate. The town is about 10 minutes away from our camp and there will be buses to take you to and from Friday evening.

The historic town includes a number of 18th c. buildings in the Court House Square where the parade will end. There are several local pubs and restaurants within several blocks and along the parade route. Several of these establishments have agreed to provide 10% - 20% discounts and other specials for reenactors in period attire, whether you march in the parade or not. More details will be included in your registration package provided when you arrive.

Party Saturday evening:

We are planning a Saturday evening "jollification" for all troops. We expect to have beer on tap, as well as some limited party snacks. We'd like to have live, period music – please contact if you have music that can play for us. We expect to have a large tent not far from the camp so we can party rain or shine.

There will be at least one more e-mail with more information including a schedule, battle information, specific driving directions and more. In the meantime, please e-mail with questions.

E-Mail Address:

For more information about the special programs listed here please e-mail us at:

Brochure Available:

A Promotional brochure has been created in PDF format that provides much of the information found on this website. This brochure may be helpful to provide information about this event to the members of your reenactment groups. You can download a copy here: Hook Info Brochure

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