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The Battle of the Hook will take place on 500 acres situated on the banks of the Severn River in Gloucester County, VA., October 18-19, 2008. This is a Continental Line, British Brigade and Brigade of the American Revolution sanctioned event. This event is the center piece of a "History Week" which will include tours and a number of other activities and events.

We expect this event to be one of the largest events of the season, and all quality AWI sutlers are encouraged to contact us. Sutlers interested in attending the Battle of the Hook event should e-mail coordinator Marshall Smith (First Virginia) for specific information at:

The Battle of the Hook has a large area adjacent to the Warner Hall Plantation to accommodate sutlers. Space for approved sutlers will be laid out based on camp description and measurements submitted to the sutler coordinator, so please be accurate when reporting this information. All participants at the Battle of the Hook must provide evidence of liability insurance. We must have a copy of your policy declarations page, or a similar document showing you or your sutler name. This document will be kept on file at the event.

Sutlers are an important part of this event along with the soldiers and camp followers. You will have access to the same amenities that all other participants have. Likewise it is important to maintain the same authenticity standards and safety practices that all participants must adhere to for this event.Additionally, sutlers are responsible for following all state and applicable laws when transacting their event business and are responsible for filing the appropriate taxation documents as required in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

All sutlers expressing interest in participating at the Battle of the Hook will be reviewed for the quality and authenticity of their goods and reproduction items for sale. When contacting the sutler coordinator to request registration materials please include your, or your sutlery's, name, and an accurate and detailed description of your camp and the goods you will have for sale. You are welcome to send along photos that and a website address, if available, would also be helpful. Sutlers that are approved to participate at this event will be sent a registration packet for completion. All approved sutlers are expected to dress in period appropriate clothing while conducting business.

Sutler coordinator:

All inquires and request for materials should be sent to:

Set-up Time: 10:00am Friday

No set-ups will be allowed any earlier. No set-ups after 8:00am Saturday. All vehicles must be out of the camp area by this time.

Prohibited Sales:

  1. Non-Rev War merchandise. Please leave post war. 1812, Buckskinner, Mexican War, Civil War, Western and other period merchandise at home.
  2. Non- period caps including baseball caps, T-shirts, plastic knives/toys/guns. Non-period flags, modern containers, coffee mugs, etc. Any merchandise that is not period appropriate for a Rev-War military camp should be left home.
  3. If you are still uncertain please contact the sutler coordinator.


Sutlers will have use of wood, water and port-a-johns. Fires are allowed not closer then 25 feet from all tentage. Full water bucket must be at all open fires. All sutlers are invited to the Saturday night jollification.

Departures time: No earlier then 4pm Sunday. No vehicles in camp before this time.

Registration will close for the Battle of the Hook on Saturday September 13, 2008. All registration materials must be received by this date.

Registered Sutlers:

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